About us :


PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS stands for Performance, Quality and Reliability, the values we wish to add to our organisation and to our products.  Being recognized by SANDBOX Startups, which is largest Incubation Center in India, we are headquartered in Hubballi. Sandbox Startups provides us with a world class facility to design and build rapid prototype for electronic industry.

 Our Ecosystem



Time to market has become key to success of any business/product in the dynamic environment of current global business. The challenge is to create innovative offerings, finding the right partners to deliver it at reasonable costs on time and of course, consistently.  The primary focus of the engineering partnership we offer is to help our customers to achieve their goals and provide value additions to their products and services- "We win when our customers win"; PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS leadership team has deep and varied experience working with multiple technologies and customers all around the globe to ensure we deliver the right product on time, every time.  


Our Technology

Embedded System Design

If you're looking for an expert embedded systems team, you have come to the right place. The professionals at PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS follow a quality driven process, delivering world-class custom embedded software solution tailored to your unique requirements. We use diverse real-time operating systems, platforms, embedded tools and technologies for designing, developing and testing of software for embedded components and system in computer networking, telecommunication and video/graphics.

 Key Benefits:

  • Complete offering of project management.

  • Dedicated support team with domain experts.

  • Clear documentation for ease of use.

  • Detailed planning and execution.

Analog & Power Electronics

PEQUREL  brings to power supply design and production the same advantages which have made us our customers. Our vertical integration, highly efficient facilities, and steadfast obligation to quality and service excellence have enabled us to provide high-value custom engineered power supplies to many satisfied customers. PEQUREL  engineers, designs and manufactures standard, modified and customized AC-DC, DC-DC power supplies with current or voltage mode controls ,Highly efficient LED drivers.Our designs fulfill power requirements ranging from 1 watts to 2 kilowatts.

  Our custom design and manufacturing process starts with our in-house engineering staff, all of whom have extensive experience in power supply engineering, high voltage applications, and project management. Our design team is equipped with the most sophisticated computer design and analysis tools available. We will work according to your specifications, or work jointly with you to develop a specification for your product. PEQUREL  design team works integrally with our customers to prepare custom product for prototyping and manufacturing. Our devoted areas for R&D and prototyping permit PEQUREL  to offer unparalleled flexibility in bringing customer requirements to realization.

Embedded Graphics and Image Processing 


Embedded graphics and image processing systems have many challenges, due to large computational requirements and other physical, power, and environmental constraints. However recent contemporary mobile devices include a graphical processing unit (GPU) in order to offer better use interface in terms of graphics.

High Speed and RF Design

The frequency above which a PCB can significantly degrade circuit performance. 50MHz and above can be considered high speed. We at PEQUREL  work on sophisticated newer generation of High Speed and RF Design