The Company

    PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS stands for Performance, Quality and Reliability, the values we wish to add to our organisation and to our products.  Being recognized by SANDBOX Startups, which is largest Incubation Center in India, we are headquartered in Hubballi. Sandbox Startups provides us with a world class facility to design and build rapid prototype for electronic industry.


PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS was founded with vision to provide quality products customized to needs of our global clients,  building relationship based on trust and value addition we do to their businesses. By providing end-to-end product design and manufacturing and support facilities, we greatly reduce time-to-market and therefore costs.


Our Ecosystem

   Time to market has become key to success of any business/product in the dynamic environment of current global business. The challenge is to create innovative offerings, finding the right partners to deliver it at reasonable costs on time and of course, consistently.  The primary focus of the engineering partnership we offer is to help our customers to achieve their goals and provide value additions to their products and services- "We win when our customers win"; PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS leadership team has deep and varied experience working with multiple technologies and customers all around the globe to ensure we deliver the right product on time, every time.


CUSTOMER satisfaction, EMPLOYEE satisfaction and their GROWTH are our key goals. We work with our customers to help them build reliable, efficient, and commercially viable product and to deliver assured support to their customers. This helps our customers to grow their business, deliver better, more reliable and flexible product. To our employees, our internal customers, PEQUREL MICROELECTRONICS provides a fun filled environment and opportunities to ensure their growth.